Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Christina Cavotta you are truly inspiring

Grand opening August 2011


I would like to introduce Christina Cavotta, owner and creative mind behind Tre Sorelle Boutique. Welcome to Baegz Inspires. I think it is wonderful that you are our first interview and Tre Sorelle is celebrating its first of many anniversaries.                                        

Christina, share with us a little bit about yourself and how Tre Sorelle Boutique got started.

"Having my own boutique had always been a dream of mine ever since I was young. I went to Kent State and got a degree in Communications. After months of searching for the right job and no success, I decided to go for my dream and start up my own business. The name Tre Sorelle means three sisters in Italian. I named my shop after my Mom and her two sisters who grew up in the building that Tre Sorelle is in."

At the 1st year anniversary of Tre Sorelle

Who inspires you?

"My parents are my biggest inspiration. Both of them have been beyond supportive of my business endeavor. My Father is a marketing mastermind. He keeps my creativity level at an all time high and we brainstorm and bounce ideas back and forth. My Mom is very intelligent as well. She speaks four languages fluently and is extremely cultured and educated. I strive to be a combination of both of them."

Tell us about your most memorable moment with the Boutique.

"There are a few moments from the past year of business that really stand out in my mind, but there is one particularly memorable moment. At the end of my most recent fashion show the DJ called me out to the stage. My Dad was waiting there with a dozen roses and he hugged me and whispered "You did it." By that comment I knew he didn't only mean that I put on a successful show, but he meant that I followed my dream and made my first year in business a success!"

Where do you see yourself and the boutique in the next couple years?

"I have set some long term goals for myself. I am hoping I will be able to open up another worman's store in another location along with a men's store possibly. Crossing my fingers that "Tri Fratelli " for men will be in the near future."

If you could give any advice to other business women, what would it be?

"My advice would be to always go for your dreams no matter who believes in you or who doesn't. Most importantly believe in yourself and don't doubt what your are capable of . Put your dreams into action. There is nothing worse than someone that has the dream and not the drive. Go for it!"

Finally, is there anything that you would change? or do differently?

"I try to live my life with no regrets.I don't dwell on past decisions,but I do make it a point to criticize myself and improve on things that need work. Owning a business is a work in progress. There is always room to grow and learn about your business as well as yourself. I like to say " you have a life, then you have a business. Then your life becomes your business, and your business becomes your life."

Thank you Christine for taking your time out of your busy schedule to speak to and inspire all of us. Today Christine is busy getting ready for the festival tomorrow. The boutique will have special hours for the festival. Come out and see this great Gem in the Heart of Italy.
Tre Sorelle Boutique
Our hours this week will be different due to The Feast:
Tuesday: 2pm-6pm
(FEAST BEGINS)Wednesday: 1pm-11pm
Thursday: 2pm-11pm
Friday: 2pm-11pm
Saturday: 12pm-11pm

Cleveland's Feast of the Assumption, held each year in mid-August in the city's Little Italy neighborhood, is a four-day street fair that celebrates the Catholic Day of Assumption (August 15), when the Virgin Mary died and assumed her place beside Jesus. 

The Feast is a fun-filled Italian street party with rides, food, live music, a procession, and lots of fun. The 2012 dates are August 15-18.

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